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South Shore Children’s Center


1 Craig B Gariepy Avenue

Islip Terrace, New York 11752

Call for information/ availability/ and tours!

Now Registering for the 2022/2023 School Year. 

Please call for details.

Opening Up Opportunities for Learning and Development

Well-Designed Curriculum and Flexible Schedules

 South Shore Children’s Center is a facility licensed by New York State to educate and care for children.  However, we are not a typical day care setting.  We are an Early Childhood Learning Center combining the very best in Care and teacher pedagogy.  When you bring your child to our Center, you will likely notice a difference right away.

Our programs offer the opportunity for positive experiences, a boost in learning skills, and a safe place for your child to express their creativity. It is our goal to help nurture your child’s personality and strengths during their time here with us. Our programs include the following:


Infants and toddlers are in our program to engage with social/emotional growth, self help skills, and daily care. This program focuses on nurturing social skills, sharing and caring, and group activities.


Our preschool program focuses on hands-on learning, social, and communication skills. We teach cooperation and small muscle movements through pre-reading, pre-math, and pre-writing activities.  We employ a spiraling curriculum designed to lay the foundation for Pre-K


Our pre-K program is an prepatory program to for Kindergarten.  We offer a print rich environment that engages early emergent reading skills. Our thematic curriculum crosses all education disciplines and connects real world experiences to the classroom setting.

Enriching Activities to Prepare for the Future

Thematic Education

Our programs allow children to participate in activities with others in the same age range as them through enriching academics and projects. The curriculum we offer is built to create a strong academic foundation to prepare your child for future years of schooling.

If you have any questions or wish to obtain more detailed information, please get in touch with us in Islip Terrace, New York today!

Learn About Our Toddler Program